Irish Network of Learning Cities

The Irish Network of Learning Cities (INLC) is a five-city joint initiative to promote learning across the cities, the city regions and the island of Ireland. The cities include Limerick, Cork, Belfast, Derry and Dublin. The aim of the Irish Network of Learning Cities is to ensure a shared dedication to strengthening friendly relations and enhancing cooperation between the peoples of the cities and city regions. In 2019 the Lord Mayors of Belfast, Cork, Dublin and the Mayors of Limerick and Derry City and Strabane Region signed a formal agreement to commit each city to work together and provide mutual support to help deliver on the vision of a learning city for all citizens.

INLC Videos

In 2021, The Mayors and Lord Mayors of the five cities took part in the annual ‘Celebration of Learning Day’ on Thursday 30th September as part of the Irish Network of Learning Cities. We are delighted to be part of this network and we support each other’s key initiatives and work very closely together.
We produced a number of videos for the day with the Mayors from the other cities. Watch the video with the Mayors here:

We also produced our own Learning Limerick Video for the day with our Mayor of Limerick City and County, Councillor Daniel Butler and Chairperson of Learning Limerick, Eimear Brophy. Watch the video here:

The Irish Network of Learning Cities benefits all five cities and adds value to the efforts of individual cities. In line with the mission of the UNESCO GNLC, the network shares learning and best practice and support each other on issues of common interest. It is widely recognised that learning throughout all stages of life contributes positively to health and wellbeing as well as to employment and skills – ultimately building a stronger society for the future of Limerick.

INLC Programmes and Events

During the past two years the Irish Network of Learning Cities has collaborated on many programmes and events. As a network we want to work together to celebrate learning, highlight what’s on offer across the cities and city regions and we want to celebrate the achievements of learners. Irish network member cities jointly participated in:
  • The world’s first Virtual Festival of Learning, hosted by Derry Strabane Learning City in July 2020;
  • Learning Limerick’s Virtual Lifelong Learning Festivals in September 2020 and May 2021, including the LCEN Learning Neighbourhood Reflections and Learning Ambassadors Interviews events.
  • Cork Learning City’s conference webinars for the Cluster of Learning Cities for Health and Well-being;
  • Belfast Learning City’s ‘Learn Well-Live Well’ Report on Adult Learning, Health and Well-being launched February 2021
  • Dublin Learning City’s Virtual Festival in March 2021;
  • Cork Celebrating Lifelong Learning weeklong webinar series in March 2021 when all five cities, including Limerick shared best practice. The learning cities were also involved in the judging process for the Cork Lifelong Learning Awards.

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