Learning Limerick Ambassadors

Learning Limerick has been working with Learning Ambassadors over the last three years to promote learning in Limerick. The Learning Ambassadors are Limerick people united by a common interest in promoting, developing and  celebrating learning, in all its forms. The Ambassadors work with the Learning Limerick Steering Group and the Lifelong Learning Festival and help promote and celebrate learning opportunities. Learning Ambassadors have also visited this year’s Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival events in May 2022.  Their role involves introducing and promoting learning and education as something enjoyable, beneficial and achievable for all; promoting the concept of community learning and lifelong learning; encouraging participation in this area by showcasing the various learning pathways and actively partaking in learning and learning networks themselves in order to grow as a learner, inspire others and help identify gaps and issues which may need addressing. 

Launch of the Learning
Ambassadors Video Series

In November/December 2019, the Learning Ambassadors participated in a Story Exchange training project with Narrative 4, which developed their skills to ‘tell their story’ Following this training; the ambassadors were interviewed on their learning stories and why they are passionate about being a Learning Ambassador. The ambassadors are helping to spread the word and promote the idea of lifelong learning; through sharing their inspiring learning stories from their own lives. The series of videos will be launched on 10th December 2020 by Mayor Michael Collins.

On the 7th of March 2019, the Learning Ambassadors initiative was launched in Limerick City and County Council by the Mayor of Limerick City and County of Limerick, Councillor James Collins. The Learning Ambassadors were introduced to the members and key partners of the Learning Limerick Steering Group; and following a brief introduction to the initiative, three of the Ambassadors spoke shared their reflections of their own experience of lifelong learning with the group. Their stories inspired all present at the event and there was great enthusiasm for the future of the initiative for Learning Limerick. Learning Ambassadors are Limerick people from all walks of life, united by a common interest in promoting, developing and celebrating learning, in all its forms, throughout Limerick City and County. They can show that learning is for people of all ages, from all areas and communities and with a wide variety of needs and interests.

Launch of
Learning Ambassadors

Plans for the Role of Learning Ambassadors

Learning Limerick Ambassadors can help support and develop lifelong learning throughout the Limerick region by passing on information and learning messages to their personal and/or professional networks, to help change attitudes and behaviours; and promoting learning of all sorts (formal and informal) at every opportunity; in their workplaces, homes and communities. By participating in learning themselves, they inspire and empower others to take part in learning activities. They can spread the word and promote the idea of lifelong learning in their own communities, workplaces and neighbourhoods. They can help break down all sorts of barriers to learning as they share inspiring learning stories from their own lives or the lives of people in their families and communities. Learning Ambassadors can also help to educate organisations and institutions involved in formal and informal learning about the learning needs and interests at the grassroots.

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