6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hosting an Event for our Festival in 2023

Would you like to be part of something special in 2023? Do you feel the need to pass on your knowledge or skills to others? Perhaps you would like to shine a light an initiative or project you or your organization have been involved in? Or maybe you would just simply like to get together for a coffee and a chat.

Whatever the reason, the Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival 2023 is the perfect opportunity for you to engage directly with members of the public and to showcase your unique offerings.

Still not sold? Below are just some of the reasons why you should consider hosting an event at this year’s festival:

1. Promote a Cause, Awareness, or a New Program – Whatever field you may be working in, drawing attention to your efforts can quite often be one of the most challenging aspects. Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival has a rich history of championing good causes and awareness initiatives, just have a look through our previous festival line-ups.

2. Celebrate a Milestone – Perhaps you or your organization have achieved something you are especially proud of recently and you would like to celebrate and share your achievements with the people of Limerick and its surrounds.

3. To Foster Goodwill in the Community – You might be surprised at just how beneficial hosting an event can be for your local community. It brings people together, gets them talking and most importantly, it gets people learning. Good times.

4. Attract New Members, Participants or Customers – What better way to garner interest in your enterprises than to host a taster event at this year’s festival.

5. Begin a Campaign – Why not consider utilizing the Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival as the Launchpad for a Campaign you or your organization are embarking on.

6. Networking – Join us at one of our Information and Networking Sessions (both online and in-person), and avail of an excellent opportunity to get together with fellow event organizers. Share ideas and information, link up with other partners and sectors, make connections and establish contacts, these sessions are not to be missed!

This year’s festival theme is ‘Come Learn with Me in 2023,’ so we offer our invitation to you. With an array of hosting options available, such as In-Person, Virtual or Hybrid events, it has never been easier to be a part of the Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival community. What are you waiting for? There are plenty of reasons to sign up and host an event. Are you ready to ‘Come Learn with Me in 2023’?

Relevant links to sign up and take part in information session and submit your idea for an event below.



Written by Nessan O’Neill


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