Cross-City Learning Exchanges and Supports – The Shared Island Initiative

What is the shared island initiative?

The Shared Island Programme, supported by the Irish Government Dept. of the Taoiseach and the Dept. of Housing, Planning, Local Govt. and Heritage and the Irish Network of Learning Cities (INLC), supports projects and initiatives between Local Government partners North and South. Working with the support of all city partners involved in INLC, and with match funding committed by Derry-Strabane Council, the programme launched in Cork will involve a series of exchanges and consultation workshops in all five cities culminating in a Learning City conference in Derry in June 2023.

DKANE 29th November 2022
REPRO FREE at the Cork Celebrates Lifelong Learning Awards 2022 in Cork City Council.
Photo Darragh Kane

What is the initiative’s goal?

The project’s main goal is to support opportunities for cross-city learning exchanges between the five INLC learning cities. Each city will host one seminar/event in which the other cities will attend for the purpose of shared island learning on a specific theme. Interested stakeholders, community groups, learning communities will be invited and supported to attend each event.

DKANE 30th November 2022
Photo Darragh Kane


The ‘Our Learning Island’ event was held in November of 2022 which looked at music, urban green spaces, and more as tools of social inclusion in education and more.

Learning Limerick is a member of the Irish Learning Cities Network supporting partner in a project led by Cork and Derry Learning Cities – funded under the Shared Ireland Funding of the Dept. of an Taoiseach.

The Future of the Shared Island Project

The first of the events mentioned above was hosted by Cork Learning City in November 2022 and this was a great start to our combined project. Limerick is scheduled to host such an event in May 2023, and this exchange will be based on the theme of Social Enterprise.

Written by Michael Corcoran

Use this link to find out more about the Irish Network of Learning Cities: Strengthening Bonds Between People and Cities – Learning Limerick


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