Avoid a Promotion Commotion!

Oscar Wilde once said, ‘There is only one thing in life worse than been talked about, and that is NOT being talked about’ and we couldn’t agree more, especially when it comes to promoting your event for this year’s Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival.

Fortunately for you there are plenty of tools and tricks at your disposal to get the word out and create a buzz around your event. Keep reading for some suggestions and recommendations that may prove useful when it comes to generating interest in your endeavours.

  • Mailing Lists/Newsletters: Draft an email highlighting your event details and information and send it to any mailing lists you may have access to. If your organisation publishes a Newsletter consider writing a short article to drum up interest in your event.
  • Media Partnerships: Consider approaching a local radio station or newspaper to help promote your event. Perhaps ask a well-known media personality to MC your event if applicable.
  • Social Media: Draw up a comprehensive social media plan for the weeks prior to your event. Decide on a hashtag and include the Festivals hashtags in your own posts.
  • Advertising: Is there a budget for advertising? Local radio and social media are the go-to platforms here and provide access to plenty of potential participants. Try to identify your target audience and which platforms they are using and tailor your campaign accordingly. Also, make sure to include the Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival Logo along with your own networks’ promotional material.

  • Press Releases: Draft a Press Release for distribution in local media channels in advance of the event. Include essential information such as venue, time and details of the event and make sure to mention that the event is free.

Each year Learning Limerick produces and distributes a printed brochure cataloguing all the events which are taking place throughout the Festival week. We also work with our Media Partners in the city to promote the festival as a whole. It is important to note that individual events will require their own PR, and individual event organisers need to advertise their own events through their own channels and networks.

There is no time like the present, so make use of the suggestions above to drum up some interest and generate some positive publicity around your event and let’s get Limerick talking about it!

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Written by Nessan O’Neill

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